COVID-19: Following the anouncement made by the Govenment the LTA have modified their guidelines to tennis clubs and players. The most significant change in the guidlines is that from Monday 1st June doubles with players from different households will be allowed.

Full information can be found on the LTA website:

Players are strongly advised to wipe down the keypad and door handle before use.

Since we do not have a booking system, please be sensible, maintain the 2m social distancing rule whilst waiting to play. Don't wait to play inside the court and allow previous players plenty of time and space to leave the court safely.

Important (3rd March 2020): We are currently having problems with the website email system. If you've tried to register or have clicked on the 'Forgot your password' link and not received an email from us within 2 hours, please firstly check that the email isn't in your spam/junk folder. If not then please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page on this site.

Sandy Point Tennis is a community tennis court on Sandy Point, Hayling Island run by the residents, for the residents.

This is a community facility, paid for and maintained by residents. In order to use the court we ask you to register, and agree to abide by the rules.

Please complete the login/registration form using the "Create an account" link on this page.

By registering, you agree to abide by these rules:

  1. Registered users agree to keep the court secure by only sharing the code with their own household, and locking the court after use.
  2. Registered users agree to be contacted upon registration and annually thereafter for a contribution towards the running costs of the court at the amount that the committee has agreed. Currently £20.
  3. Registered users agree to be contacted from time to time by email with news about Sandy Point Tennis.
  4. Court Usage Rules
    1. The court will be used solely for playing Lawn Tennis.
    2. Only suitable non-marking footwear shall be worn on the court.
    3. The net tension is regularly maintained; Do not attempt to adjust the tension.
    4. The court shall be used in a manner to minimize nuisance to our neighbours:
      1. Minimize noise - no shouting, or playing music.
      2. Do not attempt to retrieve balls from gardens.
      3. Do not leave any rubbish behind on the court.
    5. If others are waiting, play shall be limited to the shorter of:
      1. The remainder of the current set.
      2. Half an hour.
      3. If appropriate play doubles.
    6. When leaving the court please
      1. Close the gate, and lock it.
      2. Take your litter away.